moonlight artemis at city beer

the lineup at city beer

last weekend AP and I happened to be south of market, so we figured a trip to city beer store was called for.

  • we scored some great seats, whipped out a deck of cards, and scanned the beer list for something interesting on draft.
  • AP decided on schmaltz human blockhead, which was listed as a “sweet, malty lager,” but which maybe used lager yeast but didn’t have any lager characteristics beyond that.  it was definitely sweet and malty, like a sweet barleywine.
  • as usual, the moonlight offering on draft caught my eye.  I ordered up a pour of artemis, a gruit evidently bittered and flavored with mugwort/common wormwood and monarda.
  • when Craig, the proprietor, asked me if “I wasn’t sure I just wanted a taste first,” I knew it was going to be interesting.
  • the beer was very earthy and woodsy.  another guy at the bar turned to me and said, “pretty medicinal, huh?,” and I had to agree.  although the beer was very drinkable, I think one pour was quite enough to satisfy my curiosity (plus homeopathically cure any possible stomach ailments I may have had).
  • all in all, it was just another relaxing afternoon at city beer, with a little surprise thanks to Brian.  keep pushing the boundaries!

artemis and human blockhead

the tap list

one of many beer fridges

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