don’t believe the hype

so, tomorrow is “black tuesday” over at the bruery.

  • basically, starting at 4:30, people can line up and buy 3 $30 bottles of black tuesday, an imperial stout that many in line have probably never tasted before.
  • this follows the lead of three floyds, whose dark lord stout has been selling one day a year at dark lord day since 2004.
  • greatly hyped, dark lord has phenomenal ratings on beeradvocate, and was a “top 10” overall beer there (and may still be), up with another hard to find beer, westvleteren 12.
  • this success has spawned imitators who have followed the one-day release idea, such as surly’s darkness day and the aforementioned black tuesday.

I’m a little bummed out about this one-day release idea.  it seems to me to satisfy the collector, the reseller, the fanatic willing to spend the money and/or time to get the rarity, instead of the casual curious homebrewer or beer fan.  I’m not sure how approachable craft beer can be when the “really good stuff” is only available after a 4 hour wait in line or for a wad of cash on ebay.

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  1. Stuart Raymond Says:

    I wrote a piece a while back (a Dark Lord Day post actually) where I noticed that the majority of the top 10 beers on Beer Advocate were all hard to find beers and I ask the question does the limited availability cloud people’s judgment on that particular brew. I notice that as the craft beer world produces more fans what also comes along with it is the money making for the breweries and the attitudes from the people in the scene.

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