san francisco brewcraft

sf brewcraft front

a lot of homebrewers urge you to “support your local homebrew store!”  In fact, I am forever indebted to robert over at fermentation frenzy (now moreflavor! after it was consumed by morebeer!), my original LHBS, for showing me the ropes and setting me up with some great first recipes that sold me on homebrewing.

  • as of late, though, cost has dictated my homebrew vendor, and I have been mostly ordering online via william’s brewing to save a few bucks on my LME and hops (they’re in san leandro – that’s local, right?).
  • however, a few last-minute yeast problems have led me to sf brewcraft to get my brew day back on track.
  • sf brewcraft is on a quiet corner at clement and 17th, and seems to have everything you would need to get any type of brew going – they have everythign from bulk grains to CO2 refills (it takes a couple days), and even carry pot stills.
  • the owner, the infamous griz, and his posse seem pretty approachable.  according to their website, griz has a homebrew class monday nights at 6pm.  they also have a pretty entertaining blog.
  • will I make the switch to my closest LHBS for all my brewing needs?  I’m not sure, since online ordering does save me some cash and shipping is fast and reasonable.  however, I will be purchasing all my yeast from sf brewcraft from now on, and will get any glassware from them as well (to save on shipping costs).
  • also, I recommend sf brewcraft to anyone in the area thinking about starting out in the homebrew world – although there is a lot of information to be had on the internet, having a real person explain subtle brewing nuances to you and tell you your batch is not infected is well worth the slight LHBS markup.

yeast and hops at sf brewcraft

brew buckets and bottles

specialty grains

bulk grains in the front

misc equipment and griz in the back

side of sf brewcraft with hop barrel

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