go bistro SFO

anchor steam and fat tire

when AP and I flew down to LA last week our flight was delayed at SFO, so we set up shop at go bistro in terminal 1 to kill some time.

  • usually we go over to legends of san francisco for a beer and some popcorn, but go bistro caught my eye as we were walking past and I figured we should give it a shot.  that, and the place was right next to our gate.
  • I ordered up a staple, anchor’s steam beer.  AP had a fat tire.  both beers were as expected (although AP noted a little funkiness in her brew that I couldn’t detect – I doubt these guys clean their lines that often…)
  • we didn’t try any food, but the selection looked pretty varied/interesting.
  • this place is pretty decent, about average for an airport bar.  I wish SFO had something like the pyramid ale house over at OAK though.

the bar at go bistro

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