hood river, OR


a few weeks ago AP and I braved some wild weather to explore hood river.

  • after digging our 2WD sedan out of a foot of powder the first morning, we upgraded to a 4WD SUV and hit the icy roads.  a freak snowstorm had hit the day we arrived, dumping close to two feet of snow in less than 24 hours.
  • despite treacherous conditions, we managed to hit up full sailpfriem and solera, although our planned tour of logsdon farmhouse was cancelled after their location was completely snowed in.  all breweries were very welcoming and had a great variety of top-notch beer – pfriem had perfected many true-to-style expressions, and solera had a killer IPA as well as some tasty lactic offerings, while full sail had a nice flight highlighting components of their barrel aged imperial stout.
  • after grabbing some amazing house made donuts and coffee at 10 speed, before heading out of town we stopped by double mountain to pick up a few bottles at their kriek release, which was fortuitously scheduled the day we left.  we made it back to portland just in time to peruse some bottles at belmont station before all commerce in the city shut down due to the snow and ice (people were cross-country skiing down hawthorne blvd!).
  • despite less-than-ideal weather conditions, our trip was a resounding success.  I can’t wait to go back during the summer!

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