solera lambic tasting notes


with a little over a month down since the bottling of my solera lambic (and around 19 months since the first fill was brewed), I cracked open a bottle to see how it was doing.

  • solera lambic
    • appearance: perfect clarity, straw yellow with thorough, fine carbonation.  this was the fifth or sixth bottle I opened, and a couple of them were already overcarbed even without the addition of yeast at bottling (maybe due to stratification of the sugar? I have never run into this).  I can definitely see how geuzes can be put together with little to no sugar – the yeast/bugs involved are super aggressive!
    • aroma: “authentic” complex lambic funk, for lack of better descriptors.  citrus and barnyard.
    • taste: citrus, hay, stone fruit, with a balanced, smooth lactic acidity and a dry finish.
    • overall: I’m very happy with how this beer turned out, even with such a short time in the bottle – it holds its own as a solid example of the style. I’m also pumped that I have close to three cases of this and another six gallons on cherries, all of which should improve with age…

IMG_3140               IMG_3136


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