carmel, monterey, sand city; highway 1

last week AP and I hopped in the truck and headed north to carmel for JVG’s wedding.

  • a close to seven hour drive got us into town late, so after sleeping in we headed out to explore the area.  our first stop (after an early lunch) was acme coffee roasting, which really blew my mind.  I usually don’t stray from beer writing on this blog, but as a long-time amateur coffee roaster/espresso geek I was really stunned by the passion and care exuded by the owner and the resulting extremely high quality of their hand-pumped espresso and other coffees.  I spent a good ten minutes nursing a killer double shot and watching their monster drum roaster crank out a fresh batch of beans.  this place was the highlight of my visit and is definitely on my short list of places to visit if you are anywhere nearby.
  • our next stop after our morning wake-up call was post no bills in nearby sand city, where a thorough bottle selection compensated for a middle-of-the-road tap list.  after finishing a round with the local lagunitas rep we headed to bottoms up homebrew, where very friendly service accompanied bags of fresh locally grown cascade hops.  bottles n bins rounded out the afternoon with an impressive beer selection (probably the best in the area).
  • the next day AP and I cleaned ourselves up and headed out to a spectacular wedding, replete with great people, food, and beer of both the homebrewed and commercial varieties.  specifically, AH and NM brought along kegs of belgian single, bohemian pils, and berliner weiss to pour out of AH’s custom jockey box, which accompanied kegs of lagunitas’ IPA and anderson valley’s boont amber behind the bar.  I also brought along a keg of my imperial stout to which I had added ECY’s brett blend many months back, which was initially massively overcarbed but worth the effort it took to degas (review to come).
  • after a weekend of great times with great friends, AP and I headed south, taking the scenic route.  highway 1 added several hours to our trip but also provided unique destinations like a remote hermitage where we picked up some monk-made “holy granola” and an under-construction bar and beer garden with a surprisingly comprehensive tap list.  when we finally made it back (with an extra 850 miles on the odometer) we were beat from the trip but happy to have been able to take part in such a momentous occasion.  congrats again VG!






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