cantillon fou’ foune

fou' foune in all its glory

I am a huge fan of Cantillon beers.  ever since AP and I visited them in Brussels last year, toured the facility and shot it with Jean-Pierre Van Roy (review and pictures soon!), I have had a soft spot for their brews.  it doesn’t hurt that they put out some of the most consistently awesome geuzes and lambics on the planet.

  • therefore, when AP and I were in Portland in February, visiting my (now-favorite) restaurant, Higgins, we ordered up this unknown apricot lambic, Fou’ Foune, on a hunch based on brewery reputation alone (an despite the doubts of our waiter, who I believe was just a partisan pacific northwest hop-head).
  • the lambic was great – very sour with a fantastic aroma.  I managed to grab a shot of the label with my phone before we left just in case I forgot its name (which I promptly did).

higgins blackberry shot

  • fast forward a few months, where I am performing my weekly ritual of perusing Healthy Spirits’ blog.  Dave mentions they got some new cantillon in.  I cross my fingers.  Fou’ Foune is on the list.  I go over that week and score the last bottle on the shelf.
  • what I didn’t expect was for CB to crack open one of these guys during his brew session – it was definitely a most-appreciated surprise.
  • the beer was as I remembered.  on a clean palate, the first sip is mouth-puckeringly sour, but after a few more everything settles in and pure bliss follows.
  • a little trivia – according to the distributor, Jean-Pierre’s daughter, Julie Van Roy, did the painting for the label (which is one of my all-time favorites as well).
  • more interesting history of the beer, including the story of its inception and naming, can be found at the cantillon link here.

great carbonation on the fou' foune

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