park city, salt lake city

how much fun can you have in a state where draft beer is limited to 4% abv?  quite a lot, actually.

  • I was a little skeptical flying into salt lake city for VG’s bachelor party – with its oppressive alcohol laws, utah seemed the last place to find good beer.  taps were limited, retail stores were scarce and state-run, and the rules surrounding the serving and consumption of beer and spirits seemed confusing and bizarre.
  • however, once I touched down and started making the rounds, everything started to come together.  a trip to squatter’s pub yielded a somewhat anemic draft flight, but their bottled beers were not subject to strength limitations and left a great impression (specifically, their hop rising DIPA and outer darkness imperial stout).
  • my situation only improved after leaving SLC for park city.  our first stop in town was the local state liquor store, which had an outstanding variety of local beers from epic, squatter’s, and uinta.  over the course of the next few days we visited local watering holes like the middle-of-the-road wasatch brew pub and the world-class high west distillery.
  • however, the most refreshing beers of the trip were consumed while enjoying the great outdoors.  highlights included passing around a cold bottle of my dark house saison while playing unreal disc golf at solitude (with a pig roast at the end of the course!), tossing back some cold BMCs while on a four-hour river tubing ride, and nursing a bomber of epic’s brainless on peaches while hitting some birdies at the canyons disc golf course.
  • when it came time to leave (minus one disc and plus two bottles), I had a new-found appreciation for both the geography and beverages utah had to offer.  now I gotta get back there when it’s snowing!






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