strand brewing tap room grand opening, greek easter picnic

last saturday AP and I headed out to strand brewing’s tap room grand opening to get a glimpse of the progression of the brewing scene here in socal.

  • after running into friends from naja’s, select beer, and other local spots, we settled in to some pours of white sand double IPA and their beach house amber.  our lunch-time arrival kept our sampling to a minimum, but we got to inspect the brewing and serving premises and meet rich, one of the guys behing strand.
  • located in a business park, with huge fermenters and a minimalistic, tasteful layout, strand brewing’s tap room was a welcome reminder of many breweries found in the pacific northwest and san diego.  hopefully this is a sign of things to come for the area – drink local!

sunday was greek easter, so AP and I loaded up some food and libations and headed to the park.

  • last year’s keg came dangerously close to getting kicked, so this year called for both a corny of my light saison and one of the monster brew saison that I dry-hopped in secondary.  the wyeast 3711 french saison yeast I pitched into the monster brew finished nice and dry, and really helped accentuate the rye and the earthy/spicy tettnanger hops I tossed in post-fermentation.
  • after the smoke cleared, around seven gallons of homebrew had been extinguished by the thirsty easter crowd.  I’m gonna have to start specifically planning for this event in advance next time!



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