solera prep round 2, march PG meeting

this past saturday I managed to crawl back out to the garage and brew the remaining 30 gallons needed to fill my upcoming lambic solera barrel.

  • my recipe remained the same, and I managed to add the unmalted wheat component to the main mash without resulting in a stuck sparge during both of the last two brews by adding 2-3 handfuls of rice hulls to the unmalted mini-mash before adding it to the main mash, resting 3-5 minutes, and then backflushing the mash tun with boiling water before attempting to vorlauf and start the fly sparge.  this resulted in a consistent OG of 1.047 for the last two batches, and an average OG for all four of the combined batches of 1.047.
  • in anticipation of this brew day, I had previously kegged my first (turbid mash) lambic for future blending (and to open up a fermenter), and I pitched a liter of slurry from the old cake into each of the two new batches to kick off fermentation.  the hard part is over – now I just need to nab a barrel (stay tuned)!

last thursday I also headed over to culver city for the march PG meeting.

  • the style of the month was split between stouts and sour ales, so I brought along a keg of cuvee de cabrillo, which had recently carbed up and passed quality control.  even though I had the only sour there, it was a crowd favorite and I took home homebrew keg of the month honors for the second month in a row!  member feedback was very promising and helped validate the long wait (14 months) to enjoy this brew.  I just hope the other batches in my sour lineup fare as well…


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