monster brew at tustin brewing

last saturday I headed over to tustin brew co. to get in on a monster brew coordinated by pacific gravity.

  • in short, the head brewer over at tustin brewing, jon porter, is a PG member who occasionally lets the rest of us pipe dreamers help out (and chip in) on a 16 barrel (~500 gallon) batch that is then split up amongst interested parties.  the mash changes with each session – this year the recipe called for roughly 1/3 pils, 1/3 vienna, and 1/3 rye:
    • Monster Brew #4
      Recipe for 16 Barrels (496 gallons):
      300 lbs 2-Row Pilsner  Malt
      300 lbs Vienna Malt
      300 lbs Rye Malt
      20   lbs 65oL Weyermann’s CaraRye Malt
      36 Oz Chinook  11.4% First Wort/Boil
      40 Oz Saaz 2.5% at 15 minutes
      40 Oz Saaz 2.5% at flame-out
      Vital Statistics:
      OG:  1.056 (if I recall correctly, the actual OG was more like 1.064)
      Color:  6 SRM
      IBU: 17
  • brewing started around 6am, although with a half hour drive to tustin the earliest I could manage was 8, and I arrived just at the start of the sparge.  killer beers such as tustin’s groundwork coffee porter and smog city saison were being poured left and right, and guests were free to roam around the brew premises and help out when needed.  having already had my fill of emptying commercial mash tuns over at san pedro brew co., I was more than happy to defer that and other jobs to my compatriots – in fact, my only tangible contribution to the brew day was flipping the switch for the boil kettle.
  • after a great lunch accompanied by a surprising pour of cuvee de tomme, I nabbed my 10 gallons of wort and headed home, where I pitched a healthy starter of ECY09 belgian abbaye into five gallons and wyeast 3711 french saison into the other five.  both fermentations took off vigorously, and the ECY09 batch managed to blow krausen out the top of the fermenter even with the use of foam control.  I plan on dry-hopping the saison and kegging both in a week or so.  I also plan on returning to tustin brew co. with AP in the near future to get in on some more great beers and food.  thanks again to everyone who helped make this happen!





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