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saturday morning found me jonesing for some belgian waffles and maple syrup.  unimpressed with the instant batter collecting dust in the pantry, I decided to whip up some beer waffles for AP and me to enjoy.

  • a quick online search yielded a few batter recipes, one of which seemed like a good starting point.  I modified it as follows:
      • 2 cups all-purpose flour
      • 12 fluid ounces of AP’s amber from the tap
      • 1/2 cup unsalted butter, melted
      • 1/4 cup almond milk
      • 2 eggs, separated
      • 1 tablespoon honey
      • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • I followed the online prep directions and ended up with some very tasty waffles with a malty, nutty aroma and light, fluffy texture that crisped up nicely on the outside.  I plan on experimenting with the recipe by swapping whole wheat flour for the all-purpose and adding a high-gravity (perhaps bourbon aged?) stout instead of amber for a real decadent treat.
  • in other news, I kegged my latest batch of basque cider, which finished at 0.995 for an abv of 7.22%.  I also sampled my first batch of basque cider and discovered that it was “sick” – ropy, slick, and generally undrinkable.  according to my research, this may have been caused by oxygen exposure during bottling, and should dissipate over the next few months.  I’ll give it another taste in three months and hope for the best!
  • as a side note, I also spruced up my basement fermentation room with an original 1700s-era hop plant print from a french botanicals book.  I picked up the print at a local flea market and matted and framed it at home.  I have found that a mat cutter quickly pays for itself and helps you turn any two-dimensional beer-related media into a professional-looking display piece.  matted and framed pictures also make great gifts…




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