rye saison, patersbier tasting notes

inspired by my last tasting/critique post (and motivated by my lack of beer-related activities this weekend), I decided to pour a few of my latest brews and get some tasting notes down.  hopefully these reviews can help provide more details about the results of my recipes/processes.

style: patersbier

appearance: lingering fluffy head, decent clarity (little chill haze)

aroma: intensely floral, yeast-forward aroma; hints of banana and clove as tasting progressed and sediment was poured

taste: smooth and slightly malty with a coating mouthfeel; very yeast-forward

comments: after three weeks in primary and a week in the bottle, this beer is still a bit green; it will hopefully clear up and be a bit crisper once the yeast cleans itself up a little.  I was really pleased with the not-too-dry finish (and am beginning to realize that many of my beers need to have their mash temp upped by a couple degrees).



style: rye saison/sour

appearance: fine head that reduces to a thin lacing; healthy carbonation

aroma: sour fruit (clean/light), slightly lactic aroma (smells sour)

taste: clean, lactic sourness; slight floral “saison” finish; no spice from rye or yeast

comments: this was definitely a happy accident – my cultured dregs must have had some lacto that took off during the 80F fermentation (although no pellicle was present).  the sourness here is pleasing and clean, and makes for a great summer session sour.  however, it is definitely less complex than my other sour saison (for one, it has no funk).  a clean sourness was clearly present during kegging after a month in primary, so this may be the way to go for a “quick” session sour, a blending sour, etc.  I may try to toss this yeast slurry into a wheat beer at 80F for a berliner weiss attempt, or may try racking a similar recipe onto fruit.



in other news, LA beer week is in full swing, so grab a designated driver and hit up some events!


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