OC fair beer comp, old hops, wild patersbier update

this past saturday AP and I headed down to stein fillers to enter some of my beers into the orange county fair homemade beer competition.

  • I had not previously entered a homebrew competition, and had never even considered it until talking it over with JW during the past year.
  • I eventually figured it was worth the time and effort to compete in order to get some educated opinions and feedback about my brews (and hopefully set myself up for a future GABF pro-am entry…).  it also didn’t hurt that a single entry to this particular comp ($3 and three beers) gets you a ticket to the OC fair and access to a special brewer’s banquet/session.
  • I’m not a big fan of bottling, but with the competition in mind, I made a point to cap three bottles of each of my american amber, hybrid stout (X2 – entered in 2 categories), patersbier, golden strong, house IPA, and saison during kegging.  the day of the submission deadline, I labeled each bottle appropriately (with a rubberbanded tag), boxed up my stash, and dropped off close to a case of beer (!).
  • the non-trivial amount of time spent preparing and entering this competition had me doubting future participation, but I will likely wait to see the quality of feedback I receive (and level of success, of course), before making any decisions about other comps.

In other news, I managed to score a significant amount of organic aged hops for my future lambic/sour endeavors.

  • after following a link from homebrewtalk to seven bridges, santa cruz’s organic homebrew oasis, I checked out their closeout hops section and managed to score two pounds of aged organic belgian saaz with an AA% close to zero.  with only a few months to go until my annual lambic brew session, I was happy to nab the perfect hops for the occasion.
  • speaking of wild beers, room finally opened up in the keezer for the wild patersbier.  the beer has a sticky, fluffy head, slight fruit in the aroma, and an earthy, slightly phenolic taste with a little fruit in the finish.  I am very excited with the results and am looking forward to tossing my local strain into something else (a session saison/table beer, perhaps?).

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