spring cleaning/greek easter

this weekend I managed to get in a little housekeeping down at overcarbed headquarters.

  • proper cleaning/sanitation is the oft-overlooked bear of the brewing art, and extends past the brew day into both storage and presentation.
  • in my opinion, it’s pointless to spend hours carefully crafting a beer, only to have it served from a dirty, funky tap.  also, I’m not sure whether others have the same dilemma, but I have found that any wort residue on the outside surface of kegs, fermentation containers, or other equipment quickly becomes food for local airborne bugs that set up shop and necessitate a thorough cleaning.
  • therefore, saturday saw me emptying and cleaning the keezer, cleaning and sanitizing the kegs and beer lines, recharging the keezer dehumidifier, and swapping in a fresh CO2 tank.
  • I also blended the kolsches into one keg and kegged my house IPA, which currently has an unreal aroma.  the latter is hitting the keezer this weekend for some long overdue hop love.

on sunday AP, ML, HL, and I snuck kegs of my patersbier and cider blend past tight security into the greek easter picnic.

  • the patersbier was a hit, with over four gallons getting knocked out within a matter of hours.  it had a spicy, floral aroma with good body and a killer whipped head.  I can see it nudging out the kolsch as a house staple…
  • the cider maintained a low profile in its 2.5 gallon corny, but had a tart bite with a dry finish, and was actually my favorite of the two.  both were perfect on a cool, sunny socal day with some keftedes, pastitsio, and spanakopitaΧριστός ἀνέστη!

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