hop crown transplant, naja’s, beer delivery

on friday AP and I spearheaded a thirsty mission to naja’s in redondo.

during the weekend I managed to transplant some of my hop crowns from their pots to the side yard.

  • I chose my cascade and zeus plants to transplant since I use derivations of those varieties (columbus and amarillo) most often in my hoppier beers.  they were also the best performers given my growing conditions.
  • the cascade crown was huge after only a year’s growth, and had a root ball the size of a basketball, which should help with any transplant shock.
  • the zeus crown was two years old and was even bigger.  I found a good separation point in the crown and split it into two pieces, each of which I planted individually.
  • I got all three in the ground right before a heavy downpour hit for days, so hopefully the crowns are set and ready to take off.

I also got a surprise in the mail from EW and JW out of florida, who enjoyed many a brew with AP, myself, and the rest of the crew in new orleans.

  • the package was basically a cigar city gift basket, including a snifter, their IPA, and a bunch of their funky, sour saisons.  I can’t wait to pop some of these bottles and add their dregs to my own saison.  thanks again you two!

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