racking the mead, visiting some friends

so I finally managed to rack my PV wildflower mead to a corny keg for aging over the long haul.

  • I will probably have it sit in stainless for at least a few months, then bottle it and start sampling at the end of the year.
  • I used this link from onebeer to calculate the mead’s vitals.  beersmith has somewhat similar refractometer calculation capabilities, but the onebeer layout is idiot-proof and gives one-step results.
  • the mead started at 24.4 brix (1.104 O.G.) and ended at 10 brix (1.001 F.G.), for an abv of 13.36%.  although it was a little hot when I sampled it, it wasn’t too bad for the alcohol content and had a great complexity.  I am definitely excited to try a glass in a year.

I also headed up to SF this week on business and was lucky enough to check out my buddy AH’s new brew setup.

  • AH is a member of a collaborative brewing project in the upper haight known as the downey street brewery.  they have a sweet 10-gallon all-grain keggle setup and are looking forward to organizing some events in the near future.  definitely keep an eye on them if you’re in the area and are interested in some local homebrew.
  • always the overachiever, AH also whips up five gallon all-grain batches in his apartment.  I got to try his pumpkin stout and blonde, both of which made the trip worthwhile.  thanks again AH!

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