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weekend in review – baker beach

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

the coming of spring called for some celebration, so this last weekend AP and I rallied the troops for a homebrew-based cookout down at baker beach.

  • aside from some soda and water, all beverages present were homebrewed.  I brought down kegs of my IPA, kolsch, steam beer, and quad, as well as some bottles of my imperial espresso stout, belgian date barleywine, and a couple bombers of cider i threw together a while back.
  • I also grabbed a bomber of TB’s kolsch as well as his saison (which turned out to be one of the crowd favorites), and CB’s ’09 xmas ale and belgian strong.  JVG also brought out a growler of his red.  12 styles of homebrew in one location? it was definitely quite the lineup.
  • to top it off, AP and CB threw together some awesome eats.  AP manned the BBQ and CB fired up a great low-country boil in his turkey fryer.
  • it was a great event with a great turnout.  hopefully we can organize another one soon!

unibroue éphémère cranberry

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

it’s been a while since I was able to score a bottle of unibroue’s éphémère cranberry.

  • however, they have a stash over at handy deli that no one seems to be picking up.  more for me!
  • you see their apple version of this brew all over the place, which is pretty tasty in its own right.  they also have a black currant variation.
  • however, the cranberry is my favorite – it has a very clean wheat back with a hint of cranberry on the nose and, as usual, fantastic carbonation that ties it all together.  beeradvocate dorks complain about its sweetness, but it wasn’t noticeably sweet to me.
  • I’m not even a big fan of wheat beers, but I would bring this to any outdoor summer event in a heartbeat.  it would also be a great option for introducing a lady friend to the great world of craft beer.
  • I can see this beer being a big hit by adding straight cranberry juice to secondary in a straight wheat and carbing it up nice and heavy for a tart, crisp result.  time to get brewing…

week[end] in review 03/09-03/14

Monday, March 15th, 2010

ok, so this weekend in review is more like a week in review since AP and I met up with CB, JVG, AF, DH, and JC at la trappe on tuesday.

  • although their prices made la trappe more of a special occasion destination during these recession days, their beer list was thorough (as always) and I had to resist getting some fries and mussels.
  • I couldn’t resist the drie fonteinen geuze though – what an amazing, complex beverage.  picked up another bottle of it at bottle barn recently for under $15 – I can’t think of a better beer at that price point.
  • later that week I dropped by CB’s to sample some of his latest brews and see how my steam/common was doing.
  • CB said it had cleared up, and after a quick pour I was happy to confirm.  what can I say, it is damn tasty.
  • the weekend led AP and I down to LA, where we rolled over to naja’s with AP for some fish tacos, great beers (hop 15, pliny, old chub, etc.), friendly staff, and fantastic weather.
  • and on a side note, I learned a thing or two this weekend, compliments of the mad fermentationist (luckily, one of the ‘things’ was not the belgium/belgian issue).

weekend in review 03/06 – 03/07

Monday, March 8th, 2010

sorry for the lack of updates folks, been getting slammed at work these days.  will be getting back in the saddle soon.

  • on saturday AP and I dropped by amsterdam cafe for a status update.  the place definitely has a good beer selection, but I found myself struggling to find anything I was excited about.  I ended up grabbing another pour of oaked arrogant bastard, poured ice cold, the exact same thing I picked up many months ago.
  • for a change of pace, we then rolled over to tommy’s joynt, one of my favorite places for comfort food in the city.  we ordered up a ton of grub and got some great beers to match.  AP had a trumer pils on draft fresh from berkeley, and I had the petrus oud bruin from bavik, which wasn’t as tart as I had hoped (not at all actually) but was dangerously sessionable.
  • on sunday I stopped by CB’s where he and TB were whipping up a barleywine.  CB brewed a pale, then a double IPA, and then a barleywine and each got pitched on the yeast cake of the former.  some airlocks definitely got blown out on this one.
  • instantaneous cooling with in-line oxygenation via the therminator is the shit.  period.  I can’t believe I have been using an immersion cooler for this long without realizing how much time can be saved.
  • after finishing up the brew a bottle of jubel 2010 got cracked open and passed around.  although the jubelale series is definitely not one of my favorite beers, this ramped-up version is great, with plenty of complexity that should increase with age.

beer [pop] culture

Friday, March 5th, 2010

you know beer culture is nearing its peak of trendiness when:

  • there is a line snaking out of city beer store longer than one at a nightclub.
  • at 6:30pm.
  • on a thursday.
  • I mean, sure, it was a special dogfish head night (pouring sah’tea, theobroma, and burton baton), but shit, when I saw that line I started thinking that maybe sam himself was in there on the bar spraying people down with 120-minute or something.
  • I was stoked for craig and beth (they always have great beers and prices), but toronado seemed a little more my speed that night.
  • after the usual half hour test of my patience over at rosamunde, I screamed out “never again!” and ran over to memphis minnie’s, where they had me fixed up in a heartbeat.
  • CB, TB, and DW met up, and we conspired regarding rosamunde’s demise over moonlight’s misspent youth, a pale with great aroma, and some ’09 temptation.

weekend in review 02/27-02/28

Monday, March 1st, 2010

this last weekend was full of destinations, both old and new.

  • AP and I met up with NB and PB over at anchor and hope down in SOMA.  I remember beer and nosh reviewing this place a while back.
  • the food was good, and the beers were even better.  the jug shop developed the beer list, which was pretty deep and had some good choices.  the staff was friendly and pretty knowledgeable about their brews, especially one dude who was sent over after we picked up a bottle of allagash‘s curieux for the table.
  • we hit up a wide variety of beers – I started with drake’s 1500 on the hand pump and finished with a (very generous) pour of valley brewing’s old inventory barleywine.
  • the next day AP and I trekked up to santa rosa, where we made an obligatory stop at russian river brewing for overflowing pours of temptation, consecration, and supplication.
  • another mandatory destination was the bottle barn, where we scored more than a few good brews at great prices.  why pay $25 for a russian river bomber at the brewpub when you can get em here for $18.99?  I love that place.
  • after checking out a lackluster chinese new year parade in chinatown with AF, we all rolled over to rogue for a nightcap – I chose a pint of john john, which was pretty great and will be reviewed in the future once I crack open a bomber of it for a second opinion.